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[2014] [Papers] “Development of integrated design methodology for various types of product-service systems”
Tran T., Park J.Y.

Công trình khoa học được nghiên cứu và công bố bởi Mr. @Nova Trần Anh Tuấn và cộng sự trên tạp chí khoa học Journal of Computational Design and Engineering.



We propose a new generic design methodology for different types of PSS. Product – Service System (PSS) has received much attention recently from academia and industry because of its benefits. PSS can provide customers values and functionalities, as well as physical products, to fulfill economic, social and environmental goals.Many methodologies have been proposed for designing PSSs. Most of the existing methodologies are domain specific and were proposed to solve specific problems in certain projects. Some methodologies are generic but they provide neither guideline to practitioners and designers nor reflect the differences in various PSS types. As a generic approach to guide practitioners and designers in designing PSS effectively, the proposed methodology also takes into account user in-volvement, business model and organizational structure. The proposed methodology is demonstrated through design examples of different types of PSSs.

PSS; Product service system; Design methodology; Product service integration; Integrated design methodology



Figure 1. (a) The traditional purchase of a photocopier, (b) the purchase of document management capability.


Figure 2. Portioning of the product and service “parts” in 3 types of PSSs.


Figure 3. The design process of “artifacts” by Ulrich.


Figure 4. The proposed PSS design process.

Download: Journal of Computational Design and Engineering


Tran T., Park J.Y., “Development of integrated design methodology for various types of product-service systems”, Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, Vol1, 37-47, 2014

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