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Em mới bắt đầu học cad 2007 (tự học) mà không biết nên soạn layer sao
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Ðề: Cho em xin layer cơ khí

AutoCAD Mechanical ships with 31 layer definitions, which have been assigned to different objects by default. The names of these layers begin with “AM_”, followed by a number or a phrase as described below.

  • Working layers: Layers AM_0 through AM_12 . Almost all geometry is created on working layers.
  • Standard part layers: Layers AM_0N through AM_12N. AutoCAD Mechanical commands create standard parts and features on these layers.
  • Special layers: AM_BOR (used for drawing borders), AM_PAREF (used for part references), AM_CL (used for construction lines), AM_VIEW (used for viewports), and AM_INV (used for invisible lines).

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