Solidworks 2014- Molded Part Design Tutorial


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Solidworks 2014 - Molded Part Design

InfiniteSkills Site Matt Perez Duration : 4.5 hours ( 652.1 MB ) of material dispensed
: Video Tutorial
Language : English
Description : In this project-based SolidWorks - Molded Part Design video tutorial series, you'll have Quickly Relevant skills for Real-World applications. Follow Along with Our Expert Instructor in this course to Get Training:Concise, Informative and Broadcast-quality SolidWorks - Molded Part Design Training videos Delivered to your Desktop The Ability to learn at your own Pace with Our Intuitive, Easy-to-use interface A quick Grasp of even the Most complex SolidWorks - Molded Part Design Subjects Because They're broken into simple, Easy to follow tutorial videos Practical working Files Further Enhance the learning Process and Provide A degree of Retention That is unmatched by Any Other form of SolidWorks - Molded Part Design tutorial, Online or offline ... so you'll know the exact steps for your own projects.

Contents :

01. Introduction
02. Getting Started
03. Simple Molded Part
04. Molded Features
05. Complex Molded Shapes
06. Parting Line Design
07. Manual Draft Fixes
08. Design Check
Complex Part Method
10. Wrap-Up

Video Format : MP4 Video : MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 16: 9 15fps 225Kbps Audio : AAC 44100Hz 64kbps mono

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