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Don’t miss your opportunity to learn first-hand about new capabilities in NX
NX 9 offers innovative and powerful new design tools that boost your efficiency, accelerate the design process, lower costs, and improve decision-making.
Synchronous 2D applies concepts of Synchronous Technology to 2D geometry to reduce the time taken to make edits to 2D profiles. Synchronous 2D in NX 9 allows relational editing of both constrained and unconstrained geometry. The result is significant productivity improvements – up to 5 times faster --when working with 2D profiles, sketches and imported 2D data files.
[h=3]Subdivision surfacing enables new levels of advanced surface creation, integration and speed with fully associative and reusable NURBS output -- excellent for industrial and concept design.[/h]Real Time Ray Trace Rendering with
CPU & GPU accelerated real-time display of inter-object reflections and refractions. Useful for product reviews, marketing collateral, and reducing time spent generating ray traced images.

New tetrahedron and surface meshing controls provide improved robustness particularly with respect to fillet meshing.

Automatic and manual mesh morphing provides for the transformation of an existing mesh to updated geometry with no remeshing.

Visit us at MAT (VIETNAM) CO., LTD to see how you can put NX 9 to work for you.
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